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Alex Grizinski is the visionary of the Pink Shark empire. A graduate of the University of Dayton with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Alex decided early on to create a business that would encompass her multi-passionate interests in film, writing, and entrepreneurship.


In 2010, Alex began her career as the founder of a makeup startup company with online success selling products. She then chose to pursue her passion for storytelling and moved to Los Angeles.


In 2013, after meeting her business partner Jenny, Alex initiated the implementation and launch of their first partnership, what started as the Six-Figure Freelancer (and eventually became Six & Up CEO). A few years into the business, Alex noticed a shift happening as they continued to follow their passion for growing brands and pitching creative & innovative projects and people.


Enter stage left >> Pink Shark PR. Built on Jenny and Alex’s shared love of and dedication to barrier-breaking innovation, original storytelling, & socially-conscious business. Alex continues to guide Pink Shark as she works to release her debut novel and grow Pink Shark Studios’ storytelling empire.

Alexandra Grizinski

CEO & Co-Founder

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Hell Yes!

  • Creative originals who have truly original media ideas and projects

  • People who know who they are and like to play with their work and ideas

  • Socially conscious initiatives and individuals who care deeply and give back

Hell No.

  • Anyone who sticks to stiff, run-of-the-mill ideas or isn’t willing to evolve with the process

  • Anyone who doesn’t have a pulse on social issues or isn’t willing to take a stand

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