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Jenny Beres is the larger than life energy behind the creation and implementation of Pink Shark PR, Pink Shark Studios, and The Six & Up CEO Academy. Launching her business first as a solopreneur and then as a partnership with Alex in 2015, Jenny is wildly driven by the art form of sales and the power of meaningful connections.


Starting her career as an on-demand copywriter (before she even knew she was a copywriter), Jenny knows the power of words, is deeply aligned with the marketing world, and has an innate ability to read a room, platform, and industry. She believes taking care of people is at the heart of every press campaign, creative project, or brand launch.


As one of the original innovators in the Influencer Marketing trend (or blogging outreach as it was known at the time), Jenny “cut her teeth” in the tech and SaaS industry by revolutionizing outreach in a way that keeps her clients (and the press) coming back for more.


Jenny believes that there is nothing off limits, anyone can get connected, and being deeply rooted in the fundamentals of sales and experimentation can transform a business over night. She continues to drive Pink Shark as she pursues new avenues for each leg of the company.

Jenny Beres

President & Co-Founder

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Hell Yes!

  • Industry disruptors, innovators, and boundary-pushers

  • People who can affect the snapshot of someone’s day

  • C-Suite members who are experimental and a little bit wild

Hell No.

  • C-Suite members who prefer to play by the rules or need a linear process

  • Brands or individuals who don’t like to push buttons or try new things

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