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Are You Exhausted Inside Your Purpose?

Exhausted OUTSIDE of your purpose looks like anxiety, avoidance.

It looks like disappointment. Where the things you used to want feel SO far away, and you’ve kinda resigned yourself to the idea that it’s never gonna happen. Or at least not now. Which really means ever, but you can’t bring yourself to actually SAY it.

If it’s not happening for you — you aren’t creating. You’re waiting.

Exhausted outside your purpose leaves you playing shell games with yourself. You blame the practical necessities of life - bills, work, other distractions — but meanwhile you don’t know the last time you did THE thing you once called your dream.

And that kind of exhausted builds up. It kicks up a kind of unsatisfied anxiety that no drink, amount of money, Netflix, another human, or other distraction can soothe.

However, exhausted INSIDE your purpose is something otherworldly.

Somehow you’re tired, but can go for another 16 hours. (Has it really been 16 hours already?!)

Exhausted inside purpose is my goal for every Pink Shark client.

What I care most about is to get you CREATING.

DOING your purpose.

Putting you SOUL to work.

Not your brain. Not your neuroses.

I don’t want to talk that much about it. I don’t want to pitch or create projects for people who don’t DO.

It’s pointless.

The magic is in the CREATION.

I love the messages I get from a soul-level exhausted client.

Because, breaking in isn’t a lucky break you catch.

Nobody can give it to you. And nobody can take it away.

It’s a state of creation.

The more you create, the more you LIVE and WORK and EMBODY that state — the easier it is for the world to turn its head and take notice.

I am currently booking 2 spots for Holiday Press Tour Intensives (either virtual, or in our gorgeous Malibu space).

This is so much more than press. This is getting you creating in a BIG way, so you go from unengaged with your soul-level dream, into full-fledged press-worthy star this holiday season.

I’m only booking two more this month, (so if you need a good kick in the ass and your soul is probably nagging you to DM me) - do it. You’re ready to become who you actually are.



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