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Convince Your Damn Self First

Today, I had a new lead for Pink Shark PR ask me something weird.

He said, "Can you convince reporters at Forbes, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal etc. to say that my product is the best?"

The word choice really struck me.


So first, no. I can't convince anyone of anything. I can catch their attention, encourage them to check you out. Hook them up with a great story.

But "convince"? That's the energy of something way different.

Something that will NOT help you get more press, clients, money - anything.

This guy has a product-based company, and I'm laughing, thinking - “What am I supposed to do? Bully people into liking your product best, Soprano style?” I mean I AM the Godfather around here -- but not like that haha.

I can pitch, I can tell a great story, get the product into their hands, I can get your message in front of the right people --

But convince?

That's on YOU.

And then I realized that there are a lot of people I talk to that are hoping the PR work we do is a substitute for the resolve that THEY need to have.

The people who deep down want me to "convince" others on their behalf — are the people who aren't convinced themselves. And not being sold on your shit (or the VISIBILITY of your shit) manifests in different ways.

It could be basic textbook self-esteem crap - i.e. Am I really good enough for this garbage?

Or it could be, that the VISIBILITY of standing up loud and proud and saying who you are to the WORLD freaks you out in epic proportions (because now it feels real, like there are stakes.)

The “higher you climb, the further you have to fall” kinda thing.

There are also the people who feel trapped by their own message -- (yes, you could simultaneously want to be known for something -- but also get freaked out and in your head about being multi-passionate, multi-faceted that your commitment phobe-iness comes out in your PR strategy).

Honestly, it could be a number of things.

And they are all symptoms of you not being convinced first -- and I don't think I realized how someone could build a successful company with confidence (as this man has) and *POOF* once you add the prospect of visibility, fall back into insecurity.

If you're good enough, and you believe it, and you WANT people to see it...I really don't have to convince people of shit - or work that hard at all.

You won't have to work that hard at all "convincing" anyone of anything. Not in your business, not in the press, not in your life, not ever.

Convince your damn self first!


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