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Dissecting the A-List: Icon #1

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened. And I’m not afraid to look behind them.

- Elizabeth Taylor.

You remember her for her 8 marriages (two of them belonging to the great love of her life Richard Burton), her iconic violet eyes, and those infamous White Diamond commercials (in which little Jenny was completely mesmerized).

“These have always brought me luck.” Liz purred as she removed one earring and tossed it on the table just as a handsome stranger placed a dangerous bet.

A childhood star who grew up in and was “made” by the studio — unlike other stars of era, she showed little reverence for the system that created her. Even saying that Louis B. Mayer (head of MGM and the most powerful man in Hollywood) “looked funny, like a penguin”, demonstrating that she was not afraid of the man who “owned” her career.

(Even if he was possibly sleeping with her mother.)

When it came to who was boss, Liz was the only one in charge of Liz and she was afraid of no-one.

Elizabeth Taylor is the first icon we’re dissecting in our A-List series, because she IS someone who could have easily followed the rules, played the game, enjoyed her fame — but instead she ferociously decided to be exactly who she was without compromise.

Seeing fame both as her responsibility and her dominion took her from famous, to larger than life icon. When she was alive, there was nobody who out-sparkled, out-powered, or out-famed Elizabeth Taylor.

She ate. She cussed. If she wanted to “get fat” she got “fat.” She famously quipped that “big girls need big diamonds” and she wasn’t kidding when presented with the question if size mattered. Her large diamond collection added up to one of the most expensive private collections in the world.

The studio may have given her a job. But Elizabeth Taylor gave herself a legacy.

When others looked away, she faced the storm head on.

Even pulling her best friend (A-list actor of the era, Montgomery Clift) out of a near fatal car wreck, when the scene was so gruesome that then men around her were passing out.

Liz Taylor was a force. One that made the usual unflappable Princess Margaret bite her tongue.

One of the reasons I love biographies, why I love history, is because there is always something to embody. A piece of someone’s spirit and success to absorb, learn from, and apply to our own dreams.

Join me on 1/17/2020 at 1:30PM PST as we dig into what exactly made Liz Taylor the icon she is, and how you can steal, savor and embody that iconic Elizabeth Taylor energy in your own rise to fame.

(Especially if you have a history of being a rule follower, people pleaser, or someone who gets shit talked or gossiped about a lot — you’re not gonna want to miss this livestream).

It’s time for you to go a little “Liz.”

In honor of our icon of the hour drop me some diamonds if you’re joining me live 💎

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