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Flex for Yourself

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Have you ever seen a headline that reads something like:

“Humble and insecure mess who’s just OK at what they do would like you to read about how they really hope they can help you get results because they try their best?”


Who TF would read that?

That example even for the sake of this post gives me hives.

But that’s what a lot of your pitches and emails sound like.

I’ve got news for you. And it’s either good news or bad news depending on the vibes you’ve been putting out.

People believe what you tell them to believe. They write what you tell them to write. They feel the way you tell them to feel.

If you tell them you’re an expert - they see you as an expert.

If you write to them shaking in your boots as an amateur - they see you as an amateur.

In FACT, the majority of our subject lines that get sent on behalf of our clients (95% or more) end up as the HEADLINE the reporter chooses to use for the story.

I tell them what the story is. I don’t act like a humble McWall Flower hoping that someone just happens to see the value in what I clearly can’t even see for myself.

The point is I have been reading your pitches for a long ass time now.

And you guys always miss the point of flexing.

(WHAT flexing is more like it??)

And that’s why you’re not turning heads when you pitch.

That’s why you could send 100+ emails to your fave publications, blogs, potential clients -whatever- and still be INVISIBLE.

You have NO idea how to flex. To talk yourself up.

Flexing is for YOU.

It’s talking yourself up for YOU.

Flexing means looking YOURSELF straight in the eye and embodying on a soul, DNA, and white blood cell level that YES I am that amazing.

And because I believe it I can express that to anyone else. Without an inflated ego, or fake humility.

And you must know how to flex if you actually want clients and reporters and media and speaking engagements to SEE you as someone they want to pay, book, feature and refer.

Because if you’re constantly talking yourself down (some of you guys are amazing at “opposite flexing” where you make up some potent shit about how NOT great you are) then you are NEVER gonna sell anyone else on your amazingness.

And that opposite flexing is just a snapshot of the bullshit way you talk about yourself (to yourself) all day, everyday.

If you can’t string a sentence together about why you’re amazing in your HEART.

You sure as shit won’t do it on the page.

Or on a call.

Or for a reporter.

Or for an agent.

Or for a producer.

Or for a publisher.

When you learn how to flex and strut your skills, people are naturally attracted to you. They want to write about you, hire you, feature you.

They start inviting you to be a guest expert. To speak at their events. You start finding it easier to land clients because you instill confidence - and YES clients will invest in not having to worry.

Need help learning how to flex??

Alex and I have two spots open in November for our Full Press Tour Intensive.

This intensive is ALL about the flex.

And the features that follow 😉

It’s all about writing your own headlines that stick. Positioning yourself as an expert in the media - whether you’re a singer or SEO star.

We talk about getting yourself featured as a guest expert in the right publications, stacked in the right way, building momentum with each piece so your inbox is flooded with inquiries, invitations to speak, TV requests and of course clients who are ready to pay top dollar.

You’ll leave this intensive ready to be visible and armed with a full press tour that’s designed to get you seen and paid.

(What Pink Shark is known for, duh)

We only have TWO spots available for November, and if you book now until the 31st (2019) we’re gonna hook you up with $500 bucks off.

The intensive is either held virtually or at our sweet ocean front digs in Malibu. If you come to Malibu, we can take you to dinner though 🙂

Please note that if you DO decide you want Pink Shark to do all the heavy lifting after your intensive, your investment will apply to your first month working with Pink Shark as your PR firm.

Please PM or voxer me for details.

And don’t forget to flex a little about why one of these intensives should be yours 😉

Flex on me boo - I’m ready to hear it.

(And I’m a good one to practice on)



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