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How Our Client Got 3K New Instagram Followers in ONE Week 📷

3K Follows in 1 week | Pink Shark PR

In the past week or so, one of our Pink Shark clients has gained more than 3K organic followers on Instagram. We’re not talking random, useless, vanity metric followers. Not followers who are gonna follow and unfollow because they were looped in with a giveaway, a Louis Vuitton basic b*tch bag, or bribed with an Amazon card. These are real people. Real followers who are excited about his message — people who were touched DEEPLY and profoundly by his work and what he puts into the world. These people didn’t follow because his feed looks perfect (it’s nice, but it’s not obsessive). These new followers didn’t just come over in droves — but they came over in droves being worth their weight in SOLID GOLD. (Kudos to this client for TREATING them that way too). So how did that happen?

How did 3K high-quality followers and potential clients all wanting MORE of his message appear in such a short period of time? As I’m sure you can guess, it wasn’t via IG hacking. Which means he is not experiencing an increase of bare butts and other weirdo shit on his IG feed haha). He also didn’t kill himself engaging with everyone on Instagram, dropping vague and random comments for 30 minutes a day so he could be “seen”. . None of that fickle ass shit. The secret? It's really not much of a's quite visible lol.

We booked him on a popular podcast, where not only was his message perfectly aligned with the host and her listeners, BUT the relationship between the host and her audience runs DEEP.

This host has a long-history of engaged fans. And because of that, we hit a home run. A grand slam if you will. Her listeners love HER because they trust her to bring on the right guests, have the right conversations, and her listeners loved HIM because his messaging was exactly what they wanted and NEEDED to hear. This podcast episode went on to be her most listened to episode, reaching a million people in just over 24 hours. Meaning this whole piece of press wasn’t just a win for our client, but a HUGE win for the host.

And when you can create a win-win like this, you'll be constantly booked.

As I write this, the screenshots, the emails, the feedback, the followers, from that FIRST episode are STILL coming in.

All of this from ONE half hour interview.

Think about how hard you're working --

Trying to establish your credibility.

Trying to connecting with new leads.

Trying to connecting with REAL followers and potential clients who follow because they love YOU and your work, not because they're part of a fake numbers game.

The real issue is you have something you SAY.

Something that wold set you apart, but you're NOT saying it.

Instead you're... chasing money.

Begging people to work with you. (Like, following up 900 times and getting NOTHING in return.) Looking at your socials, with a measly 500 followers who couldn't care less if you ever posted again.

It's time to RISE, loves.

It's time to BE the authority.

To show off your chops.

To stop chasing.

To SAY what will set you apart NOW.

To let ONE interview lead to a flood of inbox inquiries.

This particular podcast appearance wasn't random. It wasn't by accident.

The win-win wasn't stumbled upon. It was hand-selected as a part of this client's fall press-tour. (And also worth mentioning, on the heels of this interview, our client has TWO Business Insider features coming out in the next few weeks.)

If that's just ONE piece from his fall press-tour, imagine what we'll be celebrating at the end of the season??

Ready for a press-tour if your own?

SO READY to stop chasing, get visible, establish yourself as a hot shot, and have your inbox FLOODING with praise and people who want to work with you?

Let's DO this.

We have TWO spots open in November 2019 for our FULL PRESS TOUR INTENSIVE.

This intensive can take place either virtually, or at our ocean front digs in Malibu.

We'll work on getting you OVER your fear of visibility, pulling out YOUR message from that brilliant sou of yours.

We'll help you spin captivating headlines, while identifying the reporters and movers-and-shakers who will EAT UP what you have to say with a spoon.

As part of your press tour (and the biggest thing Pink Shark is known for), we'll lock you into a creative campaign, that gets tons of press attention, promotes you as a expert, and helps solidify your credibility with A-List collaborators.

And of course, we'll put it all together so the moment feeds of itself!

With your Full Press Intensive, you'll also get full access to our brand new DIY PR Course, Baby Shark, AND if you decide that this press things ounds nice, but you'd rather have Pink Shark just do it for you -- the money you invest on the Intensive will be applied to your first month as a Pink Shark PR Client.

Whether you're a TV Star, or Influencer Outreach Rockstar -- a press tour will change the dynamics of your business from "chasing" to being chased.

Contact us today for details. Only 2 spots open for November 2019.

Let's make some headlines!



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