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How to Actually Get the Blue Check on IG

Here’s a little secret you may not like to hear about the blue check.

The blue check will expose where you’ve been coasting. Where you’ve been resting on your laurels, being lazy, or hyper-focused on vanity metrics that matter SO little, it’s almost offensive.

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It will expose where you’re still thinking small.

If you want the blue check you’re gonna have to think like a journalist.

Not like a social media manager.

Followers aren’t enough.

Simply self-proclaiming that you’re a badass at making money, or breaking rules, or putting together outfits or whatever-the-f*ck you do isn’t enough.

Talking about $100K months or million dollar months isn’t enough.

(There are plenty of rich people in the world who are also boring AF).

You have to BE someone who’s press worthy.

Someone who keeps evolving.

Someone who keeps reporters on their toes during this constant evolution by doing press-worthy, headline-grabbing things.

What you’re doing can’t be just good for ONE headline that you ride hard ’til nobody cares.

Which means it’s probably time to up the ante. It’s probably time for your next level (that you’re NOT giving into because vanity metrics got you all comfy cozy.)

So, YES how to get a verified account has changed. And for the better, because it’s raising the standard on what it means to be a public figure. And if we’re going to read about YOU, if you’re going to be “blue-checked” and I bother to click on your sh*t, I want to know FOR WHAT?

And this is such a good thing. Because if you’ve been trying forever to get the blue check and failing, a GREAT question to ask yourself is where am I playing small in FAVOR of social media? And at the expense of my A-LIST PURPOSE.

Ask yourself this:

When I think about the most famous version of me, the one who has to turn journalists DOWN for interviews, what am I doing? Who am I BEING out in the world, that can’t keep the media away?

And so you naturally have to up your game, boo. And I see coasters at every.freaking.level.

Look, I’ve worked with influencers for 10 years and nothing has frustrated them more than the whole blue check BS. And it shows in the marketplace. Agencies are charging upwards of $15K-$20K to score that elusive little blue tick.

And they STILL can’t guarantee results. Why? Because a social media agency can’t make you interesting. Can’t push you out of your comfort zone. Can’t get you out in the world, REALLY doing the thing that doesn’t just make you a social media star…



If you want the blue check. Stop focusing on the blue check. The actual process of submitting for the blue check is mind-numbingly easy and dull.

It’s the lead up that matters.

🦈 DO press worthy things. BE a press worthy person.

🦈 Headline test yourself — would you read about YOU in the news?

🦈 Build relationships with reporters (or hire a publicist to manage actual relationships on your behalf and pitch the shit out of you)

🦈 Don’t confuse what you do for SEO vs. what you do for actual press — hodgepodge articles are RARELY press worthy. That’s why there’s no real by-line, it’s a content marketing piece NOT a headline. Also if you focus on REAL press you won’t have to worry about SEO ever again. #justsayin

🦈 Focus on getting features over press mentions - and if you DO get a press mention, make sure it’s an actual, cohesive article that features you as the expert. Avoid being an ingredient in publicity leftover stew.

And if you just want an expert who can prime you, pitch you, position you, push you to be interesting AF, get you a feature in The New York Times, and call you out when you’re coasting…

It’s time to hire a Pink Shark.

Are you gonna get for-real famous or what? (Blue check included?)



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