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No PR Plan For The Holiday Season!? 🤯

If you do NOT have a press plan, or press tour lined up for the holidays - go spike some eggnog and read this before you foolishly talk yourself out of participating in the most wonderful time of the year.

No PR Plan for the Holiday Season?!

It always amazes me when I hear statements (ahem, excuses) like “reporters are on vacation.”

Really? For two months? Has there been a mass exodus of overworked and underpaid reporters fleeing to Aruba until January 14th?

When I was coaching freelancers, I’d hear the same thing.

“Oh, I can’t pitch in November, it’s Thanksgiving. And in December everyone is on vacation.”

Now I’m not sure where you live, but here in the US of A where typical employees are granted the LEAST amount of vacation time in the world and still don’t use it all — I’m gonna bet that copious amounts of days off is NOT the real reason you’re not working on your press game.

See, the news doesn’t stop. But it does SHIFT.

And in November and December, people want feel good stories, they want to be bossed around for the year ahead, they are LOOKING for leaders to make their holidays smoother, and their resolutions a reality. They want new products and services to BUY. Gift guides.

Jesus, they can’t get enough of the gift guides! They want to hear about where you’re charitable. And they want inspiring stories that give them the warm fuzzies that make them feel like they can do it too…

Yep so makes total sense that THIS is the time you decide to wuss out on a press tour 🤦🏻‍♀️

And if that wasn’t enough — (let me just go in for the kill shot here)


Because EVERYBODY is hiding their visibility issues behind the mythical 2 month holiday reporters are NOT taking…

So the usual 200-300 pitches that reporters get clobbered with a DAY plummets.

You gonna leave them (and yourself) high and dry?

No, of course you’re not.

During your Holiday Press Tour Intensive, we’re giving you the layout you need to be EVERYWHERE your ideal clients are this holiday season.

We’ll drill down into your feel good feature stories, profitable collaborations, how to get your products on those gift-guides, how to be seen as an authority going into the new year, 5-10 different headlines that keep you circulating in the press all season long, and build out an entire press tour that just FEEDS off itself, driving more and more momentum.

We’ll make sure you’re ready to capitalize on these $$$ opportunities when they come flooding in from YOU getting famous by New Year’s.

And we’re not just talking CLIENTS - we’re talking book deals, and TV shows…and BIG shit that’s so much easier to land when people know (and care) about who TF you are.

The person who’s known, is the person who’s paid.

Either meet me in Malibu, or this intensive can be done virtually. Either way, we only have a few spots for the entire holiday season - and the sooner you start, the more effective we are.

Voxer me @jennyberes or shoot me a PM if this holiday season (November 2019!) will NOT go down without you getting press that pays.



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