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Why I've always been impressed by Paris Hilton

I have always been impressed by Paris Hilton.

Think what you want about her, but she was/is Hollywood's original influencer.

And while you may remember her for "that's hot" or The Simple Life, or less flatteringly for her sex tape, Paris Hilton single highhandedly innovated the relationship between celebrities, brands, and the modern influencer.

She paved the way for the Kardashians to become the Kardashians.

And every, other influencer (and brand) living their dreams, and driving sales and creating and benefitting from this new type of fame.

Including us. The consumer.

And when Paris saw that the relationship between celebrities and brands was changing (i.e. they weren't paying as much, because the rise of the "normal" influencer was more effective and cheaper)....

She taught herself how to become one of the BEST DJ's in world.

(She's topping Billboard right now with one of her new electronic/dance hits).

Where she commands $550K-$1MM per night.

This article in the LA Times is a fair, brilliantly written piece that I think captures the innovator Paris Hilton actually is -- while giving her the chance to finally show the world a more serious side.

(Remember, when she came to fame, and her boyfriend released that tape without her knowledge or permission there was no IG or Facebook where she could defend herself, no "Me Too" movement to have her back -- nothing.)

And as someone who LOVES the innovation of the influencer space, and who has to credit Influencer Marketing for finding the BEST Christmas gift of the season this year... I thought this was an exciting, inspiring, and valuable read.

There's something in here for everyone.



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