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“You can absolutely create the narrative for your own career, work, and life."

Sarah Parsons is the main artery and jack of all trades that keeps Pink Shark Enterprises  running like a well-oiled machine. After earning an A.A. in theatre, Sarah traveled to Los Angeles to study at CALARTS and pursue acting.


While studying, Sarah began freelancing as a Virtual Assistant where she discovered  her artistic talents, unparalleled eye for detail, and ability oversee multiple projects were essential to building a business.


She quickly developed this side-gig into becoming an Online Business Manager at Six & Up CEO where she diligently began streamlining the systems, marketing, and company initiavites.


It was during this time that her intuitive knowledge and anticipation of the company’s needs helped it to thrive into a six-figure business. She scaled to COO and carried that title into Pink Shark PR and Pink Shark Studios.


She has revolutionized the integral need for a COO in startups and is passionate about its relevance as an Executive destination to help faciliate collaborations that are paramount to a company's success.


For Sarah, Pink Shark is more than a media empire - it's a space to produce magic on screen, on the page, in the press, and beyond.



Hell Yes!

  • Creatives with a desire to be empowered in their craft and telling their own story.

  • Visionaires creating a legacy beyond tomorrow for their company, clients, and audience.

Hell No.

  • Anyone not open to change, quick pivots, or self-exploration

  • Individuals unwilling to take responsibility

  • Being too focused on the “shoulds”

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