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Pink Shark PR is an international PR agency partnering with founders, funders, and world class achievers who are dedicated to leveling the playing field in the most cutting-edge industries. We break down barriers that have long kept women and BIPOC sidelined in some of the most stubborn legacy industries like Fintech, AI, Cybersecurity, and Venture Capital. Our clients make headlines for their innovation, social responsibility, and fierce dedication to smashing the glass ceiling for all.


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We create customized communications plans and collaborate with top media outlets to position you and your brand in front of your ideal customers, investors, and strategic partners. Whether you’re raising Series A, just went IPO, or have been around for 15 years, Pink Shark PR leverages our deep media connections at top-tier outlets, podcasts, TV, and local news to make sure you’re dominating the conversation online, while building the ultimate form of credibility, trust, and connection with your ideal market.