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How about we get you featured in Forbes? ;)


Forbes Featured Founder

A custom blueprint with the exact strategy your brand needs to land coveted coverage in top tier publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal and more.

Hook a Forbes Reporter In Minutes

Ever wonder how your competitors make it into Forbes? If you’ve ever read an article, saw your competition and thought “well, shoot, that should be me!” — then don't pass up on this (free, for now) offer!


No fluff, no 15-page download. Our team will evaluate your brand’s current PR presence and send you back an easy, actionable (and custom) email highlighting the next 5 steps you need to take to catch Forbes’ interest — and keep it. 

Email only (no call required)

You’re busy, so are we. Just fill out a short, 3-minute questionnaire and a senior-level member of our team will deliver your Forbes Featured Founder Custom Blueprint directly to your inbox within a day or two.

by a real person (No bots allowed)

We appreciate our AI pals but they make for terrible publicists. A real, experienced member of our PR team will evaluate your current PR presence and send you a follow up email with a specific-to-your-brand Forbes strategy. 

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